Since 2000, the Gallery Al-Quds has been the sole, full-time area showcase for the exhibition of contemporary art by Arab-American and Arab artists. The Gallery specializes in the work of Palestinian artists, with an additional emphasis on the work of contemporary artists whose art centers on issues of the Arab and Islamic world. The gallery exhibits work in a full range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, film and mixed media.


Opening Reception:

Friday, June 1, 6:00—8:00 p.m.


Gallery Al-Quds invites you to

 The Way Things Were-

The Painted World of

Hashim Al-Samarraie

© Hashim Al-Samarraie

One of Baghdad’s premier fine artists, classically trained Hashim Al-Samarraie captures Iraqi and Kurdish culture through his unparalleled sensitivity to emotion and detail. Living with his family amidst the chaos and danger of present day Baghdad, he persists in the work that has nurtured him for the past 25 years as an artist. Hashim’s work evokes an Iraqi past that is now lost to war and conflict, a remembrance of things past brought to life under his brush.

Opening Reception:

Friday, June 1, 6:00—8:00 p.m.

Exhibition Dates:

June 1—June 29, 2018

The Way Things Were