Reaching Across the World: The Hand of Fatima

The symbol known as the Hamsa, or Hand of Fatima, in Arab and Middle Eastern culture, is also a potent symbol in cultures around the world, from Asia, Africa, Latin America and even to the tribal cultures of Native Americans. This exhibition will explore the origins, symbolism and interpretations of this potent design with objects from all these cultures, with examples and an audience-interactive lecture.

The Map is Not the Territory in Boston

Conceived by Jennifer Heath and co-curated with Dagmar Painter, the exhibition is traveling throughout the United States and abroad on a five-year tour.

January 2015

Gallery Al-Quds launched a new year of content–loaded art shows with Natural History, which examines the subject of cultural destruction from the angle of decimation of the natural environment.

Souvenirs: Memories of Tunis

For this exhibition, Dagmar Painter, curator of The Jerusalem
Fund Gallery, has transformed her recent photographs of Tunis, Tunisia
into memories, les souvenirs, and has added layers of reminiscence with
the objects, souvenirs of her life there, that have attached themselves
to the images as real reminders of the recollections the photographs