Each summer the Palestine Center interns plan and execute the summer intern lecture series. The interns decide on a theme, reach out to speakers, and handle all logistics of the planning process. Themes through the years have ranged from crises in Gaza, to the role of the international community in the Palestinian issue, and most recently the concept of mobility. 



Examples of past Summer Intern Lecture Series:

In 2019 the Summer Intern Lecture Series “Resist, My People, Resist: Centering The Voices of Palestinian Women in Resistance” explored the varied ways that Palestinian women have been involved with, led, and shaped resistance.

July 9, 2019: “No One Is Free Until Everyone is Free” with Sandra Tamari
July 15, 2019: Naila and the Uprising Film Screening with Emma Alpert from Just Vision
July 25, 2019: Panel on Creative Forms of Resistance
July 30, 2019: Resistance Among Palestinian Women Citizens of Israel with Dr. Suheir Daoud


The 2018 Summer Intern Lecture Series “Palestine and Us: Contextualizing Palestine in American Political Activism” examined issues of intersectionality between the Palestinian cause and other contemporary social justice movements.

July 20, 2018: “Palestine and Us: Black and Palestinian Solidarity” with Ahmad Abuznaid
July 26, 2018: “Palestine and Us: Grassroots Mobilization” with Reverend Graylan Hagler
August 7, 2018: “Palestine and Us: Decolonizing America and Palestine” with Rico Newman


The 2017 summer intern lecture series, “Media’s Distortion and Misrepresentation of the Palestinian Issue”, explored the full scope of media bias with regard to the Palestinian issue. Through the omission of information, selective reporting, loaded word choice, and other subjective reporting methods, many news agencies actively propagate an anti-Palestinian bias. Given the role played by international actors, particularly the US, it seems that the battle for Palestine is increasingly being fought not on the ground but in the press. This series explored the effect of this bias on readers, viewers, and those involved in the conflict themselves, as well as what it takes to combat this bias.

July 25, 2017: “Fighting for Truth” with Omar Baddar
July 28, 2017: “Comparing the Personal Narrative with Facts-Based Journalism” with Noor Wazwaz


The 2016 summer intern lecture series, “Mobility: Israel’s Structural Restrictions & Palestine’s Resistance,” focused on the restrictions on Palestinian mobility as some of the most dehumanizing aspects of Israel’s military occupation. These restrictions span checkpoints, legal interpretations, and international media coverage, all of which restrain physical and political mobility within the West Bank and the Palestinian diaspora. However, Given these conditions, Palestinians have experienced and overcome this lack of mobility through publication and expression in the spread of ideas, a form of resistance in itself. 

July 11, 2016: “Conceptions of Mobility” with Dr. Julie Peteet
July 15, 2016: “Restrictions on Mobility: Structural Mechanisms & Physical Barriers”
July 26, 2016: “Overcoming Restrictions: Resistance through Publication & Expression” 


The 2015 summer intern lecture series, “Gaza in Perspective: Realities on the Ground, Representation, and Broader Implications,” examined the status of Gaza, focusing on its humanitarian situation, portrayal in the U.S. media, and greater significance in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

“Gaza in Context: Broader Implications in the Palestinian Plight”
“Gaza, Today and tomorrow: Current Challenges and Future Prospects”
“Operation Protective Edge: Representation in the U.S. Media”


The 2014 summer intern lecture series, “Palestine Abroad: The Role of the International Community in the Palestinian Issue,” focused on the role of various international actors, organizations and movements on the Palestinian issue. Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

“Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: A New Path to Peace”
“Interest from All: Foreign States in Israel-Palestine Negotiations”
“International Organizations: A New Forum for Discussion?”


The 2013 summer intern lecture series, “Exile and Palestinian Consciousness,” focused in on the aspects of Palestinian identity that are shaped by displacement. Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

“Patterns of Exile: Palestinian Refugees and the War in Syria”
“Failed Attempts to Return Home: Discrimination Against Palestinian-Americans at the Israeli Border”
“Visualizing a National Narrative: Art, Resistance, and the Consciousness of Exile”


The 2012 summer intern lecture series, “Reevaluating Palestinian Stakeholder Legitimacy,” was a study of the extent to which Palestinian leadership represents Palestinian interests, and how their national objectives are at all manifest.  Click below for transcripts of the lecture series presentations:

“From Grievance to Action: Mapping Grassroots Movements in Palestine”
“Negotiating Peace: Motivations, Mechanisms, and Methods”
“Palestinian Politics: Representation and Accountability”