As This Year Begins, Help Palestinians Remain Steadfast!



Dear Friend of The Jerusalem Fund,

The Occupied Palestinian Territories experienced another turbulent year in 2019, affecting all aspects of their lives. International funding has dried up, and the US has discontinued its support of UNRWA, the Palestinian Authority, and East Jerusalem hospitals. But the people of Palestine are determined to protect their rights and remain steadfast.

Contributions from individual donors like you have played a key role in reducing the suffering of Palestinians. Thanks to your gifts throughout the year, the poorest families are getting some of their most urgent humanitarian needs met.

At the beginning of this year, we hope you will continue to stand with Palestinian families by donating to The Jerusalem Fund programs that address the most urgent humanitarian needs.

This year, Palestinian families must contend with a complex set of issues to maintain their physical well-being and their dignity in the face of increasing confiscation of their property and sources of income.

Much of the difficulties are public knowledge, such as the outlandish conditions in the Gaza Strip, which is an open-air prison. People have only a few hours of electricity a day, water is undrinkable, unemployment is sky high, and they are unable to receive proper medical care.

The people of the West Bank are also suffering, as Israel blatantly destroys homes and villages to pursue its illegal settlement and annexation plans. Israeli occupation forces are intensifying illegal appropriation and destruction of property, almost as a precursor to the larger vision expressed by Israeli leaders.

You helped Palestinians stand up to this by building roads and structures in agricultural areas to solidify community presence. This year, we hope to step up these and other efforts with your support.

Please donate today to help Palestinians stay in their homes and on their lands.

Your contributions will also help with basic needs of the neediest families, whether as food assistance, health services, or for educational programs for disabled and disadvantaged children.

You can designate how you want your contribution to be used. Donating to the Children’s Fund will go to projects designed to improve the lives of disadvantaged Palestinian children. Donating to the Gaza Relief fund will help alleviate the devastating effects of the Israeli siege of Gaza. A donation to the Palestine Diabetes Institute, which provides comprehensive services to diabetes sufferers of all ages, will help to control this growing public health problem in Palestine. Donating to the Humanitarian Link will support a broad range of projects to improve conditions in Palestinian communities.

Every single dollar you donate will go toward the program you designate, and all donations are 100% tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Thank you once again for your generosity and compassion for Palestinians. Our work would be impossible without you.


With humble gratitude for your generosity,

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Subhi D. Ali, MD Eid B. Mustafa, MD
Chairman, Board of Directors Treasurer, Board of Directors