Dear Friend of The Jerusalem Fund,

While conditions for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza worsen as resources dwindle or dry up, the community of our Jerusalem Fund supporters step up to help in meaningful ways. We are truly grateful for the contributions you made, for schools, community development, or support for medical and health services.

A growing medical need in the occupied territories is dealing with cardiovascular diseases resulting from badly managed or untreated diabetes. This is now the main cause of death in Palestine. This is also a worsening trend for Palestinians under Israeli occupation as economic conditions drive more people into poverty, making it harder for families to maintain healthy eating habits.

Now in its eleventh year, the Palestine Diabetes Institute has been front and center in providing not only direct treatment and management of diabetes in the West Bank, but also for reaching out to the community to educate the public and diabetes sufferers on diabetes management and prevention.

These outreach programs—special events for diabetic children and their parents, televised presentations on nutrition and exercise, social media postings by PDI’s diabetologists, nutritionists and nurses about prevention and management of the disease—have been made possible by your generous donations.

Your efforts are paying off. Children that are pre-diabetic or diagnosed with diabetes are being taught at every age on the right foods for healthy living, and on the importance of exercising regularly to prevent future complications from this chronic disease. Progress has also been seen with adults who have fully controlled the disease’s progression and, in a few cases under guidance from PDI specialists, reversed their diabetes Type 2 symptoms.

One of the most gratifying things to see is the wide smile of the diabetic child who has learned to control the disease and knows he can be a “normal” kid like all his friends!

Please help us put smiles on more children’s faces—make a donation for the PDI children’s program today! Your contribution helps children and adults deal with this life-threatening, silent killer—and alleviate one of the many stresses facing Palestinians under occupation.


All donations to The Jerusalem Fund are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. We would also like to invite you to visit PDI’s web page at and check out their Facebook page to read about their activities as well as their child and family events.


With sincere gratitude,

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Subhi D. Ali, MD Eid B. Mustafa, MD
Chairman, Board of Directors Treasurer, Board of Directors