Dear Friend of The Jerusalem Fund,

These last few years have been harsh on Palestinians in the occupied territories, with conditions worsening all the time. As supporters of The Jerusalem Fund, you are likely aware of the loss of life and life-changing injuries suffered by peaceful protesters in Gaza, and the increasingly stressful economic conditions from withholding of aid as well as the everlasting blockade.

Palestinian children have suffered disproportionately under these conditions. They count among the injured and killed in Gaza (the World Health Organization reported in June that an average of three children per month in Gaza were left permanently disabled during the first year of the March of Return), along with those detained and imprisoned by Israel in the West Bank. All are psychologically scarred.

Special projects in the West Bank and Gaza target these children, with the help of contributions from individuals like you who recognize that the safety and well-being of children is a key contributor to community steadfastness and health.

A project in the West Bank that The Jerusalem Fund’s donors supported provided children with much-needed dental care and awareness (while also training dental students). A number of our projects also helped increase the water available to schools in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, by providing rainwater collection systems and storage tanks. In Gaza, your generosity rebuilt and renovated schools that were damaged during Israeli bombardment, and also provided food baskets and mental health services to children affected by Israeli war and aggression. In Lebanon you helped to offer life-changing educational services and scholarships to Palestinian refugee youth.

You can help children in Palestine—all donations designated for the Palestine Children’s Fund go to children-centered projects like these—and give them the essential tools to get on with their lives.

Kids who receive specialized care, medical or psycho-social, get the boost needed to recover and go on to develop their own potential, whether humanitarian, academic, artistic, or entrepreneurial. Your donations make a real difference toward these goals. Program teams have reported successes at every stage of development for school children that you have helped.

We are deeply grateful for your support. Teachers and trainers in these programs are aware of your support and always express their appreciation for the help they get to provide essential services to children with special needs  and with disabilities that affect their chances. As do the families of these children, keenly aware of the difference your involvement makes.

Please make a donation today—make sure to indicate that you want your contribution to go to a program that helps kids, or check “Palestine Children’s Fund” in your reply. All donations to The Jerusalem Fund are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.


Thank you most sincerely for your support.

With sincere gratitude,

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Subhi D. Ali, MD Eid B. Mustafa, MD
Chairman, Board of Directors Treasurer, Board of Directors