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Dear Friend of The Jerusalem Fund,

Marwan had already lost the sight in one eye as a complication of diabetes, and he was sure he would soon become totally blind. A young man of modest means, he has a young family — so far, a wife and a two-year old daughter — who are completely dependent on his small salary. But he would lose all that if he became totally blind.

He could not afford treatment at a private clinic, and was desperate to save his sight and his job. Fortunately, a relative who had received care at the Palestine Diabetes Institute (PDI) in Nablus, recommended it to him.

Despite not having the funds to pay for a consultation, Marwan was seen at PDI by an ophthalmologist as well as a diabetologist. He was diagnosed, treated, and given instructions on how to manage his diabetes to avoid more complications down the road.

Stories like Marwan’s, repeated over and over, led The Jerusalem Fund in cooperation with the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) and others to launch an effort to combat diabetes in Palestine. This resulted in the establishment of the PDI, which now has three centers that provide comprehensive care to adults and children with diabetes and educate healthcare workers and the community at large about diabetes and its complications.

The PDI currently employs 27 people, thus supporting 27 families. More than 15,000 patients receive care at the PDI. It has been proven that the comprehensive treatment approach has made a significant difference in the lives of these patients, reducing the incidence of diabetes complications such as blindness, amputations, kidney failure, strokes, heart problems, and death.

Now that the US administration has withheld financial support to the Palestinian Authority, to Jerusalem hospitals, and to UNRWA, it has made an already tough situation much worse. The vulnerable diabetic patients may be facing more complications. Your donation at this time will ensure that the PDI will continue to provide valuable services to these patients.

Life in the West Bank and Gaza is challenging at every turn, and things have reached a crisis point. With the new developments, it is certain to get worse. Your contribution targeted to the PDI program will make a difference in the lives of these patients. Please contribute generously to the extent that you can, as your donation will help Palestinians stay healthier and productive.

Thank you for helping to reinforce the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, especially in these days.

With sincere gratitude,

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