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Dear Friend of The Jerusalem Fund,

We are ending this year with alarm and dismay as we see and read about conditions in Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians everywhere are agonizing over deteriorating economic conditions—loss of support in all the occupied territories, continuously debilitating blockade of Gaza, home demolitions, and continuous harassment by occupation forces and settlers against residents and farmers.

The security conditions are even worse. Palestinians cannot safely express or demand their rights, or even go about their daily business risk-free. The cost to life and mental health has been tremendous—children suddenly left grieving a lost parent or a detained sibling, families facing personal and physical loss while faced with an uncertain future.

Nevertheless, non-governmental organizations on the ground, even the smallest among them, are working tirelessly to fill in the gaps, whether to meet physical needs or provide mental health for traumatized children and youth. As a donor to The Jerusalem Fund, you have been supporting these projects all year, making a difference to hundreds of children and, by extension, their families.

In this year-end appeal, we are calling on you once again to give generously to keep these programs going. We hope you will join us to make food, medical and mental health assistance, and occupational training programs available so that the poorest and most vulnerable families can weather the harsh realities created by the Israeli occupation.

Projects that were helped this past year also helped in another key area: helping Palestinians in areas vulnerable to settler expansion and harassment solidify their presence, as well as improve access to their land and farms. In the greater Bethlehem and Hebron areas, your donations helped build roads accessing farms and olive groves, rebuild and restore water cisterns, provide solar panel systems to solve electricity and water treatment problems, rebuild destroyed or deteriorating schools, and much more.

Our Palestine Diabetes Institute project in the West Bank has also benefitted through your support for outreach programs designed to coach diabetic children and their families in sound nutritional and lifestyle practices for better management of diabetes. PDI’s results this past year have been very encouraging, demonstrating the value of a comprehensive approach to diabetes treatment and care.

Please make your year-end donation for any or all the programs we support. Make a specific designation—Gaza for all aspects of Gaza relief and development; the Children’s Fund for all projects that target kids; Palestine Diabetes Institute for PDI’s programs; or All Programs for general programs or any project serving urgent needs.


As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations to The Jerusalem Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed holiday season, and look forward to a productive new year.

With humble gratitude for your generosity,

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Subhi D. Ali, MD Eid B. Mustafa, MD
Chairman, Board of Directors Treasurer, Board of Directors