Helping Palestinians this Ramadan

Dear Supporters and Friends,

During this month of Ramadan, we invite you to reflect with us on the meaning of this time. Not all faiths practice Ramadan, but we can all share in the spirit. Overall, it is a time that encourages people of all faiths to consider the plight of others, the significance of self-sacrifice and the importance of charity. From this awareness, we comprehend the challenge of going about our daily work without food or water, and this provides a brief glimpse into the experience of those who regularly abstain because they have no choice, due to poverty.

Our work at The Jerusalem Fund is very critical in the month of Ramadan, as our on-going humanitarian assistance program takes on additional focus. This program benefits civil society organizations that provide a range of services to Palestinian children and adults living in Gaza, the West Bank, and the Palestinian refugee camps. We partner with vetted and reputable organizations on the ground to make life more tolerable for people living under occupation. Your donations, combined with our local knowledge, experience and reach, allow us to continue to do this in an effective and consistent way.

Here are a few examples of projects that we have facilitated thanks to your generous donations in the recent past:

– We ran an emergency appeal for the inhabitants of Yarmouk camp in Syria, from which we helped UNRWA provide aid to the inhabitants of the camp.

– Charitable Mother Association of Gaza led an olive tree-planting campaign to replant olive trees along the buffer zone in Gaza, replenishing a vital agricultural sector damaged by war, economic siege and environmental destruction.

– Al Manarah Association for Arab Persons with Disabilities in Nazareth, was able to enhance its library and community meeting space through equipment and materials including audio books, Arabic Braille and audio assistive devices.

– Children living with disabilities in Mar Elias Camp in Lebanon were able to receive materials for occupational therapy to help them with their learning assistance and developmental needs.

During the time of Ramadan, the need for our services becomes more critical, and none of this work is possible without your continued support. This Ramadan, please consider donating to us.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible, goes 100% to the program you designate, and to improving the lives of those most at risk and most in need in Palestine. We are grateful for your generosity and we count on you to make our work as meaningful as possible.


With sincere gratitude,

Subhi D. Ali, MD
Jerusalem Fund Chairman


An established non-profit organization with a thirty-seven year track record, The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development is not affiliated with any government. We strictly adhere to the laws regulating contributions. The Fund is registered in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia.


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