The Historical Roots of Christian Zionism, its Theological Basis and Political Agenda


Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer, Director of Peacemaker Trust for Persecuted Minorities

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Join us for a talk by Reverend Dr. Stephen Sizer, who will discuss how the movement of Christian Zionism preceded Jewish Zionism by at least 50 years and facilitated the establishment of the State of Israel. His presentation will explore how Christian Zionism has solidified the neo-colonial political agenda of Jewish Zionism since that time. With around 100 million devotees, it is, he argues, both the dominant and most destructive expression of Zionism today. 


Biography of Speaker

Reverend Dr. Stephen Sizer is the founder and director of Peacemaker Trust, a charitable organization dedicated to peacemaking, in locations where minorities are persecuted, justice denied, human rights suppressed, and reconciliation needed. Ordained in 1983, he served as vicar of Virginia Water in the UK, from 1997 to 2017, and as a trustee, director or committee member of Friends of Sabeel UK, Highway Trust, Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust, Interfaith Group for Morally Responsible Investment, Christ at the Checkpoint conferences, and the Balfour Project.

Dr. Sizer holds numerous degrees including a Master of Theology from Oxford University and a PhD from Oak Hill College and Middlesex University where his thesis examined the historical roots, theological basis, and political consequences of Christian Zionism in Britain and the USA from 1820. He is the author of three books including, In the Footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles, (Eagle, 2004) and Zion’s Christian Soldiers: The Bible, Israel and the Church (IVP, 2007). His books have been translated into Arabic, Farsi, Korean and Spanish. He also writes occasionally for various journals and magazines.

Dr. Sizer is also an activist theologian. In 2004, he co-authored the statement “Challenging Christian Zionism” endorsed at the 5th International Sabeel Conference in Jerusalem. In 2006, he debated Neville White of the Ethical Investment Advisory Group and was instrumental in the Church of England General Synod decision to divest from Caterpillar. That same year he co-authored the “Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism” for the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem. In 2010 he co-authored the “Bethlehem Evangelical Affirmation”, endorsed by participants at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference sponsored by Bethlehem Bible College. In 2011 he co-authored the “Seven Affirmations of Bethlehem Bible College” and in 2012, the second international “Christ at the Checkpoint Conference Statement and Manifesto”. In 2012, Stephen was a member of the Kairos Britain drafting committee which published “Time for Action”.



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