The rise, fall and rise of Israel’s biggest racists


David Sheen, Independent Journalist



  •  A light snack is served at 12:30 p.m. Talk begins promptly at 1:00 p.m.

The far-right is in ascendancy all over the globe, and in Israel, factions once excoriated as political pariahs for being too racist–even  by Israeli standards–have been welcomed into the halls of power by the government itself. Why does Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party rehabilitate the most reactionary American-born rabbis and their local acolytes at the vanguard of Israel’s eliminationist movement? How have their extensive efforts to turn all of Israel*Palestine (and territories beyond) into a single racially pure religious state escaped the attention of the mainstream media, for decades? A scandalous report from inside Jewish Israeli society by local journalist and human rights defender David Sheen that will leave you demanding answers — and action — before it’s too late.


Biography of Speaker

Independent journalist David Sheen, born in Canada, now reports from the ground in Israel*Palestine for outlets like Middle East Eye, The New Arab and Electronic Intifada. His work focuses on racial tensions and religious extremism, and in recent years, he has lectured on these topics at dozens of US universities and over half a dozen European parliaments. In 2017, the Irish human rights group Front Line Defenders recognized Sheen as a Human Rights Defender for his reporting. See more of Sheen’s work at his website:




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