Second Tatreez Workshop


Wafa Ghnaim
Author and Tatreez Expert

**This is a fee-based class on the art of tatreez. It is the second of three different classes, each lasting 3 hours in duration and costing $40. The second class on June 21 goes from  4 pm – 7 pm. 











In this 3-hour workshop, students will learn how to embroider, Palestinian style! Students will learn the most traditional embroidery technique used by Palestinian women for centuries — use of the waste canvas fabric. This fabric allows you to adorn any piece of cloth or clothing, and is an important skill to master if you aspire to create traditional Palestinian embroidered garments.

Students will embroider the tree of life on denim, which is a bit tougher to puncture than other fabrics and will train students on how to embroider onto Tote bags — which is the final class in the Jerusalem Fund series. In the class, students will learn pattern transferring techniques, two methods of cross-stitch, proper use of thread, threading a needle, and how to strategically place embroidery on a piece of cloth. For those that are returning students or have experience can get started immediately, and request strategic guidance as they go.

No experience required. All materials are provided — but, bring your own tweezers if you have a certain set that you are most comfortable using! And, don’t forget your glasses!

This class intends to precede the final class in the Jerusalem Fund Series that focuses on advanced motifs on tote bags.

To register for this and the following class on the art of tatreez at The Jerusalem Fund click on the links below:

June 21 – click here to register!

July 12 – click here to register!

Enrollment is limited and registration is required. 

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