Palestine in Focus: A Freedom Theatre Multimedia Show


Hala Walid Mohammad Dhiab, Photography Teacher, The Freedom Theatre
Mohammed Moawia, Multimedia Coordinator, The Freedom Theatre 
Baraa Sharqawi, Photography Teacher, The Freedom Theatre
Mustafa Sheta, General Secretary, The Freedom Theatre 


*A light snack is served at 5:30 p.m. Panel begins promptly at 6:00 p.m.

Members of the multimedia program at The Freedom Theatre of Jenin will discuss the role of creative work as a means of resisting the Israeli occupation. Although the Theatre’s emphasis has been on theater and theatrical training in recent years, this presentation will focus on the original mission of introducing young Palestinians to a variety of artistic forms, including music, photography, filmmaking, and writing. They view these forms as necessary creative outlets that provide opportunities to shape their own vision in an environment that is often violent and oppressive.

The Freedom Theatre was founded in 2006 by Jonatan Stanczyk, Zakaria Zubeidi, and Juliano Mer-Khamis. It has performed all over the world, including most recently in Portugal and India. They were last in the United States for a performance of The Island at Georgetown University in the fall of 2013.


About the Speakers 

Hala Walid Mohammad Dhiab, Photography Teacher
Hala Dhiab is a graduate of the Open University with a focus on social studies and social service. She has volunteered in several organizations including The Freedom Theatre where she works in the Multimedia Department. Dhiab holds a diploma in photography following an intensive 9-month course at The Freedom Theatre and has taken courses in film making, drawing, and teaching the art of photography as well as taught photography courses and participated in workshops at the Theatre.

Mohammed Moawia, Multimedia Coordinator
Mohammed Moawia worked at The Freedom Theatre from 2006 to 2010, first as a computer teacher and later as a filmmaker and film instructor. In 2012 he joined the Theatre again as a multimedia coordinator, filmmaker, and graphic designer. Moawia is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Multimedia Department and for designing the Theatre’s publications such as annual reports, the Voices youth magazine, brochures, and posters. He has made many short promotional films about The Freedom Theatre’s activities and is also the director of the highly acclaimed documentary Journey of a Freedom Fighter, depicting the life of a graduate of The Freedom Theatre School who transforms from conducting armed resistance to cultural resistance. Mohammed studied computer science at Philadelphia University in Jordan and has a diploma in office management.

Baraa Sharqawi, Photography Teacher
Baraa Sharqawi studied Arabic language and communications at the Arab American University in Jenin where she took courses in such subjects as combating corruption, leadership in women, and film and photography. She has volunteered at the Juvenile Protection Security Center of Jenin for five years. Sharqawi currently works as a photography teacher at The Freedom Theatre. Previously, she was a student in the Multimedia Department of the Theatre, after which she taught classes for children and teenagers at the Theatre. Sharqawi has participated in many photography exhibitions between 2013 and 2016, and has photographs in five collections. She is in charge of photographing the activities of the Theatre and the Drama School.

Mustafa Sheta, General Secretary
Mustafa Sheta is an activist working in the cultural, social, and political spheres in the West Bank and has extensive experience as a researcher, journalist, and coordinator for various organizations and projects in the Palestinian civil sector. He was previously a researcher at the American University of Beirut, has a BA degree in Journalism and Political Science from Birzeit University and completed the MA degree in Conflict Resolution and Development from the Arab American University in Jenin. Sheta has been a member of the Board of directors of The Freedom Theatre since 2014.


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