Meet the Women in Hebron Cooperative


Laila Hasan
Member of the Women in Hebron Cooperative

**A light lunch will be served at 12:30. Livestreamed lecture will begin at 1:00 pm.











Join us for a presentation by Laila Hasan, one of the first women shopkeepers in the Old City souq (market) of Hebron, who is on a speaking tour to raise awareness about the important work of the Women in Hebron Cooperative. 

Women in Hebron was established to provide women the resources to provide for themselves and their families through the production and sales of Palestinian handicraft items. Since it was founded in 2005, Women in Hebron has grown from a small table along the main thoroughfare of the Old City souq (market) of Hebron in the occupied H2 sector, a short distance from the Ibrahimi Mosque, to a permanent fixture in the Old City. 

With the aim of economically empowering Palestinian women and their families, and maintaining cultural traditions through the creation of traditional handicrafts (rugs, embroidery), Women in Hebron also works to resist the narrative of occupation in Palestine.






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