Gallery Al-Quds: One Day Exhibition of “Uprooted” by Lucy Janjigian

Gallery Al-Quds invites you to the exhibition


Paintings by 

Lucy Janjigian

©Lucy Janjijian


“As an artist of Armenian Palestinian heritage, I have been influenced by my parents’ stories of the Armenian Genocide as well as my personal experience of the 1948 Nakba.

“War and Peace” is the result of the most traumatic/dramatic experience of my life.   This was my family’s forced displacement from Jerusalem, because Palestine was gripped by Zionist terrorism that evolved into a full-scale war.  We found refuge in Amman, Jordan. “

Lucy will present images from her 22-painting series “Uprooted” about universal genocide, the Armenian genocide, and the Nakba.  Three of the paintings are on exhibit at Gallery Al-Quds, dealing with the Palestinian Nakba.

One Day Only:  August 4, 2019




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