2018 Edward Said Memorial Lecture – “Historic Turning Points in the Middle East: The End of the War on Syria and the Deal of the Century”


Dr. Sami J. AlBanna,

President & Executive Solution Engineer
Albanna Consultants, LLC
Adjunct Professor, Management Information Systems
Kogod School of Management, American University

  •  A light snack is served at 12:30 p.m. Talk begins promptly at 1:00 p.m.


The war on Syria is ending. Between defeat in Iraq and the loss of its war on Syria, the US imperial dreams of regime-change, and domination in the region are coming to end. Iraq and Syria paid the price for these US-led adventures. The ‘Deal of the Century’ which was formulated as way to end the rights of Palestinian on Israeli terms, and to create a new power block of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf states to confront the emergent Russian-Iranian block, is progressing but facing rejection from all Palestinian political forces and Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt, and recently, Saudi Arabia. These two important transformations are setting the stage for a new era in the struggle for justice, peace, and equality in the Middle East. In this talk, Dr. Sami AlBanna will explore avenues of struggle and prospects for justice, equality, and democracy in the Middle East.


Biography of Speaker

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Dr. Sami AlBanna holds a Doctor of Engineering Science degree (with honors) from Columbia University, New York; a Master of Science in engineering (with honors) from the University of Rhode Island; and, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Cum Laude, from the Al-Hikma University in Baghdad, Iraq.

In addition to teaching for over eight years as a member of the faculty of the School of Engineering at Columbia University, Dr. AlBanna has served as an executive, a systems engineer, and a management consultant to governments, international organizations, businesses, and non-governmental organizations in more than 30 countries. He specializes in business transformation, smart systems, the Internet, and knowledge systems. Previously, he served as a Director at McKinsey and Associates and at Computer Science Corporation.




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