In 2013, a 2,000-year-old statue of Apollo was found near Gaza, only to disappear all of a sudden. Apollo, god of art, beauty and divinations, incites all sorts of rumors, even the craziest ones. The Apollo of Gaza is at once an inquiry and a meditation on history, plunging us into the barely known reality of a territory that is still paying the price of wars and a merciless blockade, but where life also subsists, undefeated.

In the class, students will learn pattern transferring techniques, two methods of cross-stitch, proper use of thread, threading a needle, and how to strategically place embroidery on a piece of cloth. For those that are returning students or have experience can get started immediately, and request strategic guidance as they go. No experience required. All materials are provided — but, bring your own tweezers if you have a certain set that you are most comfortable using! And, don’t forget your glasses!

In this 3-hour workshop, students will learn how to embroider, Palestinian style! This workshop is a follow-up to the two preceding classes that teach the basic cross-stitch. Participants can use their new skill in a practical application by cross stitching a motif on a tote bag, creating their own embroidered creation. This workshop is also ideal for anyone who already knows how to cross-stitch using waste canvas and would like to learn how to confidently apply various motifs onto garments.

In this powerful collection of personal narratives, forty Jews of diverse backgrounds tell a wide range of stories about the roads they have traveled from a Zionist world view to activism in solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis striving to build an inclusive society founded on justice, equality, and peaceful coexistence. Join us for presentations by Carolyn Karcher, Emily Siegel, and Rebecca Vilkomerson.