Keynote Speaker: Ambassador Riyad H. Mansour | Panel I: UNRWA, Activism, Legislation, Right of Return
Participants: Zena Agha, Josh Ruebner, Dr. Salman Abusitta | Panel II: Gaza, Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority, American Jewish Solidarity, Participants: Jim Clancy, Osamah Khalil, Ali Abunimah, Miko Peled

In this presentation Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa will discuss what he witnessed of the harsh realities faced by Palestinian people living in the Occupied Territories.

Black Power and Palestine uncovers why so many African Americans—notably Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali, among others—came to support the Palestinians or felt the need to respond to those who did. This is the first book to explore how conflict in the Middle East shaped the American civil rights movement.