Gallery Exhibition: “Syrian Migration Series” by Helen Zughaib

Inspired by the narrative paintings of Jacob Lawrence’s Migration series from 1940-1941, Zughaib’s “Syrian Migration Series” begins with the initial uprisings of the “Arab Spring” and its aftermath, the Syrian civil war and subsequent displacement of millions of people and a following refugee crisis that continues to affect the Arab world, Europe and the United States.

Black and White/ Thoughts in Cartoon By Mohammad Sabaaneh

Black and White/ Thoughts in Cartoon Original Linocuts By Mohammad Sabaaneh Mohammad’s art– long known for its biting wit and sharp witness– has also become recognized for its powerful artistic value. At the recent conference of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Mohammad’s “History of Palestine” frieze– a high-quality print of which will be shown […]

“Full Spectrum” by Ludwig Tamari

“When I see something beautiful, it becomes part of my psyche.” – Ludwig Tamari. Born in Jaffa, his vision of his birthplace and the beauty he found in the world is reflected in the vibrant colors of his work, full spectrum. 

Lily Bandak: “A Life’s Work in Pictures”

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the peak of her career, she overcame exceptional odds, designing a camera mount attached to her wheelchair and went back to photographing again. Queen Noor and the late King Hussein of Jordan were among the first Arab leaders to invite Ms. Bandak to photograph in a wheelchair.