The Washington Post Reviews “Resilient”

by Mark Jenkins

The abundant gold and turquoise of Samar Hussaini’s mixed-media paintings suggest earth and minerals. But the New Jersey artist is primarily inspired by the thob (or thwawb), the traditional Arab tunic whose embroidery denotes its regional origins. “Resilient,” the title of Hussaini’s Gallery Al Quds show, includes two stand-alone versions of a thob, as well as pictures that incorporate its design motifs.

Joint Arts Program Featured in The Washington Diplomat

In most news accounts, refugees are just cold numbers calculated in the thousands or millions, not real people with faces, names and life stories ripped asunder by war.The faces of refugees are emerging from the statistics through the work of artists in the D.C. area and across the world who are protesting injustice on numerous fronts, ranging from the many controversies triggered by the Trump administration to human rights abuses by totalitarian regimes.

Artists of the “Nakba Generation”

Artists reacted to the catastrophe of 1948 with paintings, graphics and sculptures incorporating memories of place and distance from homeland as a central theme. Artists of the “Nakba Generation” include the doyen Ismail Shammout, Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara, Naji Al–Ali, Sophie Halaby, Kamal Bullata, and Samia Halabi, the latter two still working today. Next generation […]

Feminist Art Shows to See in Honor of Women’s History Month

“IARS Women’s Invitational Exhibition 2017” at the Eiseman Center of Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations. This Women’s Invitational features the work of 10 minority women artists, all first generation Americans. The works reflect these women’s strong bonds to their heritage and to their experiences living in the US, with unique techniques, narratives, and viewpoints.

In the galleries:

The Jordanian artist places the viewer amid the old city, a patchwork of tan boxes, brown roofs and white domes, punctuated by the occasional smear of green. He renders the rare bits of nature less precisely than architectural details, but maintains throughout a deft balance between actuality and impression.