Why Did the Drums of War Beat?

Beginning with the 1956 war and ending with the Al Aqsa Intifada of 2000, Dr. Jenab Tutunji provides a historical examination of events that looks at Israel’s justifications for war that have impeded peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Ultimate Deal: The Palestine Perspective

Now serving as the head of the PLO mission in the United Kingdom, Dr. Husam Zomlot provides updates on the latest political and diplomatic developments, and discusses whether the Palestinian leadership still believes that a peace settlement is possible, and if so, how.

2019 HSML – “Popular Resistance: Reclaiming the Narrative and Recreating the Self”

Dr. Ramzy Baroud’s delivery of the 2019 Hisham Sharabi Memorial Lecture addresses the necessity of re-articulating the Palestinian narrative, based on the aspirations of the Palestinian people. He reminds us that they are the protagonists of the Palestinian story, the victims of oppression and the main channel of resistance, starting with the creation of Israel on the ruins of Palestinian towns and villages in 1948.

“Cracks in the Wall: Beyond Apartheid in Palestine/Israel”

After decades of occupation and creeping annexation, Israel has created an apartheid system in historic Palestine. Yet, opposition to Israeli policies are growing within Jewish communities and among Western progressives, while the rise of populist movements around the world has confused party lines on the question and the Palestinian-led boycott campaign continues to gain momentum. White argues that is urgent to plot a course to avoid the mistakes of the past—to create a real way forward in Palestine.

“Boycott! The Academy and Justice for Palestine”

In this short essential book, Sunaina Maira situates the academic boycott (of the Palestinian led call for Boycott Sanctions Divestment) in the broader history of boycotts in the United States as well as in Palestine and shows how it has evolved into a transnational social movement that has spurred profound intellectual and political shifts.

Israeli Politics Decoded

Independent journalist and human rights defender David Sheen gives an unflinching interrogation and a compelling analysis of the state of Israel*Palestine under Trump and Netanyahu.

“Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution”

Bringing to light the origins of an important national cinema, this book examines Palestinian filmmaking during the long 1970s, and how it sustained a revolution that continues to inspire in a new century.