Israel Jails Ahed Tamimi’s Mother for Facebook Live Video of Palestinian Teen Slapping Soldier

An Israeli military court sentenced Ahed Tamimi, a teenage Palestinian activist, to eight months in jail on Wednesday for slapping an Israeli soldier during a confrontation outside her family home in the occupied West Bank that was streamed live on Facebook. The girl’s mother, Nariman, was convicted of incitement for sharing the recording online

Israeli killer gets community service– and Ahed Tamimi gets 8 months for slapping

Ahed Tamimi’s recent plea deal for 8 months of prison for slapping a soldier occupying her property last December coincides with yet another reduction of the sentence of Israeli medic-soldier killer Elor Azarya (now reduced to merely 9 months), a coincidence that has been hard to miss. Slapping a soldier appears to be worse than killing a Palestinian.

Yes, they are refugees

The recent decision by the Trump administration to drastically cut its contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has left the Palestinian refugees in a more precarious position than ever. A conference was recently held in Rome to raise money to allow UNRWA to continue its vital work providing education

Israel demands loyalty from Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israel passed a law on 7 March that would permit the revocation of people’s residency status in occupied East Jerusalem if they should be found in “breach of allegiance” to Israel. The law, sponsored by the Israeli government and ratified in the Knesset, allows the cancellation of residency permits on three grounds: for betraying Israel’s “trust,” for being granted residency status on the basis of false information, or for posing a danger to public safety in the eyes of the interior ministry.

The Palestine solidarity movement should focus on Palestine

Nada Elia holds no punches. A principled activist and an accomplished academic, she writes with honesty and vigour. As I embarked on a worldwide speaking tour, an article she wrote two years ago was present in my mind. Entitled, “No More Mr Nice Guy: White Male Israeli Activists Exploiting Palestine Solidarity”, the article details a degree of exploitation of Palestinian solidarity by ex-Zionist intellectuals, who seek high fees and special treatment when they travel the world talking about their moral awakening and ideological conversion. Indeed, some of these “nice guys” generate so much income that they turned solidarity into thriving careers.

Gazan family discovers Roman site in backyard

On the cold, rainy night of Jan. 25, the Kafarina family unearthed an archaeological site that sparked a major controversy between the family and the authorities that remains unresolved. The family of 20, including 14 children, live in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, a few kilometers from the border separating Gaza and Israel. One of the grandchildren, Abdelkarem al-Kafarina, noticed as the rain kept falling that a small cavity appeared in their backyard.

Alan Dershowitz demands censorship of Al Jazeera Israel lobby film

Alan Dershowitz is calling for the government of Qatar to censor Al Jazeera’s suppressed film exposing the US Israel lobby. In a letter on Monday he called for the channel to “reshoot and re-edit” the film before its release to add “pro-Israel commentators.” Clayton Swisher, Al Jazeera’s head of investigations, revealed in an article for The Jewish Daily Forward on Friday that he ran into Dershowitz at a restaurant when the Harvard law professor and prominent propagandist for Israel was recently in the Qatari capital Doha. 

There is No Peace in Palestine because Schumer, Dems and Trump Are Historically Illiterate

How deep is the historical illiteracy of Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic Party and Donald Trump and his party? It is so deep, they are even immune to déjà vu, also known as ‘cryptomnesia’, which is where history is forgotten but nevertheless stored in the brain. Consider how AIPAC and the White House and State Department advisers influence every decision on Palestine. They use the very same techniques to brainwash American officials into believing their positions on the fate of Palestine are in the national interest that Harry Truman’s advisers used.