Palestinians See Trump-Netanyahu Apartheid Plan as End of Oslo Peace Process and “Steal of the Century”

The Palestinian leadership has entirely rejected what is known of the Trump plan for Israel and Palestine, and warned that they see it as destroying the Oslo Peace accords. The Trump administration did not consult the Palestinians in drawing up the plan, which gives away East Jerusalem and 30% of the Palestinian West Bank to Israel. The Palestinians may as well, Palestine foreign minister Saeb Erekat said, just withdraw from the 1995 Interim Agreement on Oslo.”

Demi Lovato admitted she was given a trip to Israel in exchange for positive posts about the country. Who paid for it?

Last week Demi Lovato made a series of social media posts from Israel, celebrating her experiences there. After a number of people left comments criticizing the singer for legitimizing an apartheid state, Lovato shared a (quickly deleted) apology in which she admitted that she had accepted ‘a free trip to Israel in exchange for a few posts.'”

The Israeli Elections Are a Referendum on Who Can Treat Palestinians Most Harshly

From time to time, the Palestine Center distributes articles it believes will enhance understanding of the Palestinian political reality. The following article was published by Diana Buttu in The Nation on September 16, 2019   “Last Tuesday, exactly a week before Israel’s September 17 elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that if re-elected, he will finally […]

Apartheid Arms: Why Israel Sells Military Equipment to Human Rights Violators

“An in-depth report released in Hebrew by Amnesty International’s Israeli chapter provides a damning picture of Israeli arms exports to countries that violate human rights. This report provides solid evidence that over the past 20 years, Israeli military exports went to at least eight countries that have been known for serious violations of human rights”