Stability Over Freedom

Yousef Munayyer: As protests rocked U.S. embassies in various Arab and Muslim capitals in recent weeks, a familiar question once again reverberated through American media: why do they hate us?

What Recognizing Undivided Jerusalem is Really About

Yousef Munayyer: At the recent Democratic National Convention, the party platform being adopted was slightly different from the 2008 version when it came to Israel and Palestine. A sentence, with boilerplate language on the status of Jerusalem, had disappeared. Then hilarity ensued.

Lynching “Demographic Threats”

Yousef Munayyer: Last week I wrote about the racism involved in Zionism’s constant planning of demographic engineering in Israel and how common such a racist principle is in the mainstream discourse. Three hours after the piece was posted, a lynch mob in Jerusalem ganged up on three Palestinian Arabs and beat Jamal Julani within an inch of his life. Police said it was a miracle he didn’t die.

An Illusion of Security

Yousef Munayyer: In seven days this month, at least eight places of worship associated with Middle Easterners or South Asians have been targeted in the United States. A Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., was the site of a massacre where six people were murdered. Later that evening a mosque in Joplin, Mo., was burned to the ground. In the following days, mosques were targeted in Rhode Island, Southern California, Oklahoma City and at two sites in Illinois. In Dearborn, Mich., an Arab-American church was targeted with vandalism.

How Many Is Too Many?

Yousef Munayyer: Demographic engineering is central to Zionism and has been through every stage of Zionist history. I suppose when a political movement seeks to transplant millions of non-natives into a land of indigenous Arabs, to borrow “father of Zionism” Theodore Herzl’s phraseology, demography must become a central obsession.


Yousef Munayyer: Yes, Mitt Romney’s ‘analysis’ of the economic disparities between Israelis and Palestinians was racist on multiple levels. ”There is just something about those Jews; they are so good at making money.” Most people in the modern world would dismiss such a statement as anti-Semitic. But when the presumptive Republican candidate for president insinuates the same in the pursuit of pandering for pro-Zionist support it seems excusable.

Palestinian Politics: Representation and Accountability

Noura Erakat examines the viability and legitimacy of the current Palestinian leadership. This is the final installment of our annual lecture series, a study of the extent to which Palestinian leadership represents Palestinian interests, and how their national objectives are at all manifest.

Levy is Right

Yousef Munayyer: Levy is right, this isn’t occupation. Well, not JUST occupation. When an Israeli panel appointed by Benjamin Netanyahu to investigate the question of outposts issued its findings (that there was no occupation and the settlements were legal), most sensible people responded with contempt.