The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Israel’s Biggest Racists

Independent journalist David Sheen sheds light on the rehabilitation of the most reactionary American-born rabbis by the Netanyahu Likud Party and their decades-long efforts to turn all of Israel*Palestine (and territories beyond) into a single racially pure religious state.

Palestinians See Trump-Netanyahu Apartheid Plan as End of Oslo Peace Process and “Steal of the Century”

The Palestinian leadership has entirely rejected what is known of the Trump plan for Israel and Palestine, and warned that they see it as destroying the Oslo Peace accords. The Trump administration did not consult the Palestinians in drawing up the plan, which gives away East Jerusalem and 30% of the Palestinian West Bank to Israel. The Palestinians may as well, Palestine foreign minister Saeb Erekat said, just withdraw from the 1995 Interim Agreement on Oslo.”

The Deal that Was Never Meant to Be

On January 28, 2020, US President Donald Trump finally revealed the details of his so-called “Deal of the Century.” The proposal is so condescending and ludicrously biased in favor of Israel that it is almost comical and not even worth discussing. But this was expected.

The Jeopardy of Media Bias Against Palestine

“Jeopardy!” is an American television game show that has been on the air for decades, with nearly 8,000 episodes to date. It is a trivia competition that quizzes contestants on general knowledge, and they receive cash rewards for each correct response. In a recently broadcasted episode recorded a few months ago, one question asked where the Church of the Nativity (of Bethlehem) is located. Katie Needle, a returning champion of the game, was the first contestant to respond and she correctly said it is in Palestine. 

The U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidates on Israeli Occupation: A Brief History 

In the past, any discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by United States presidential candidates has centered around a few main talking points: One, Israel has the right to defend itself; Two, the U.S. values Israel as a beloved ally; and Three, the U.S. is committed to participating as an unbiased, third-party negotiator while securing a fair peace deal for both Israelis and Palestinians. What most U.S. politicians neglected to bring up were the inequalities and injustices faced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

Mista’arvim: Israeli Spies Disguised as Arabs

Imagine yourself as a Palestinian youth. You’re in the Israeli-occupied West Bank among a group of demonstrators, wearing the keffiyeh as a symbol of national pride, protesting against yet another human rights violation perpetrated by Israeli-occupation forces against your community — an act of settler violence, extrajudicial killing, home demolition, or unwarranted arrest. You’re chanting slogans of defiance and throwing stones in the direction of the heavily-armed occupation forces.

The Flowers of Arabic Literature in America

Collector and scholar Dr. Edmund Ghareeb discusses the little known history of Arabic language books published in the United States, including books by early Arab-American women writers and known luminaries like Khalil Gibran Khalil.