The Israeli Elections Are a Referendum on Who Can Treat Palestinians Most Harshly

From time to time, the Palestine Center distributes articles it believes will enhance understanding of the Palestinian political reality. The following article was published by Diana Buttu in The Nation on September 16, 2019   “Last Tuesday, exactly a week before Israel’s September 17 elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that if re-elected, he will finally […]

From Fetus to Felon: The Criminalization of Melanin

Time and time again, black and brown communities are forced to develop strategies of hyper vigilance in order to avoid unjust profiling by the law.Through monitoring dialect, tone, and body language, black and brown folks must shrink themselves into society’s demanding and cramped sphere of acceptance. Yet sometimes, this is not enough.

2019 Summer Lecture Series: Panel On Creative Forms of Resistance

In the second installation of the 2019 Summer Lecture Series, Zena Agha, Rasha Abdulhadi, and Nehad Khader speak on a panel about the everyday forms of creative resistance among Palestinian women, including through film, art, music, and poetry. They also discuss their own creative work and its location within resistance discourse.

Israeli Arrogance and Victim Playing

On Tuesday, Israel approved construction permits for 6,000 illegal housing units for its settler squatters in Area C of the occupied West Bank. Area C, which is where Israel maintains full civil and security control, covers at least 60 percent of the West Bank and is occupied by no less than 325,500 settlers. All Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory are totally illegal under international law.

Israeli Home Demolitions and Land Theft are the True Crime, Not BDS

Israel is at it again. It remains consistent in engaging in one of its favorite activities: stealing Palestinian land and tormenting Palestinians. On Monday, Israeli bulldozers, escorted by hundreds of Israeli soldiers, demolished no less than 16 residential buildings containing around 100 apartments in the village of Sur Baher, which is on the outskirts of East Jerusalem.