2019 Annual Conference – The Deal of the Century: A Plan to Liquidate the Palestine Question

The speakers of the 2019 Palestine Center Annual Conference provide their analyses of this critical moment. The keynote address is delivered by Dr. Joseph Massad, followed by two panels that respectively address issues of the Right of Return, UNRWA, US and Israeli Policies (Panel I); and Geopolitics, BDS, The Media & Palestine, and US Perspective on the Deal (Panel II). Please join us for an engaging event.

Israel Should Take a Look in the Mirror

Last week, President Donald Trump ordered US forces to withdraw from their positions in northeast Syria. This move paved the way for Turkey to begin its air and ground offensive in the area, which began shortly after American troops withdrew.

Israel Canceled the FIFA Palestine Cup for No Apparent Reason

It’s been barely noticed, but this past week saw an incursion of politics into sports like no other. With little reason, the Israeli government made the decision to cancel the Palestinian national football club championship, otherwise known as the FIFA Palestine Cup. The contest between Gaza’s Khadamat Rafah club and Nablus’s FC Balata,”