The Jeopardy of Media Bias Against Palestine

“Jeopardy!” is an American television game show that has been on the air for decades, with nearly 8,000 episodes to date. It is a trivia competition that quizzes contestants on general knowledge, and they receive cash rewards for each correct response. In a recently broadcasted episode recorded a few months ago, one question asked where the Church of the Nativity (of Bethlehem) is located. Katie Needle, a returning champion of the game, was the first contestant to respond and she correctly said it is in Palestine. 

Israeli Arrogance and Victim Playing

On Tuesday, Israel approved construction permits for 6,000 illegal housing units for its settler squatters in Area C of the occupied West Bank. Area C, which is where Israel maintains full civil and security control, covers at least 60 percent of the West Bank and is occupied by no less than 325,500 settlers. All Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory are totally illegal under international law.