David and Goliath: Flaming Kites Versus Total Siege and Snipers

By Mohamed Mohamed

Israeli use of disinformation and distraction is an insult to the intelligence of those exposed to it, as it equates what is ultimately an expression of frustration with terrorism. Israelis want the world to believe that incendiary kites coming from Gaza have created massive forest fires and destroyed vast parts of nature. In reality, these kites and balloons have caused only a handful of fires around the Gaza border fence

“Gaza Girls: Growing Up in the Gaza Strip”

Photographer and journalist Monique Jaques presents her award-winning photo book,Gaza Girls: Growing Up in the Gaza Strip, which looks at moments of laughter, dreaming, and living for young girls in Gaza, despite the difficulty and constraints that define their reality. This project was first published in The New York Times and has been syndicated inMarie Claire ItalyVogue ItalyPanorama ItalyThe Telegraph and The Guardian UK. Jaques discusses how she produced this book and the lessons learned along the way.

Life Under Occupation in the Agricultural Town of Beit Ummar

Ahmed Oudeh presents the work of Eshraqah Youth Organization (EYO) in Beit Ummar, which focuses on grass roots nonviolent action, community empowerment, and sustainable agriculture. In addition to developmental programs based on a model built and run by workers’ groups in their communities in Beit Ummar, the EYO has been involved in local and international conferences to promote strategies of non-violent action, to bring together Israelis opposing the occupation and Palestinian communities.

Mayhem versus sanity in Western Asia: Why Palestine is still the issue

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh shares his views on the current situation in Palestine, now that the peace process has failed, and as it is clear that the policies of the US and Israeli governments are failing in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. The events surrounding Al-Aqsa mosque, in combination with those in Gaza and the invigoration of the BDS campaign have (re)established in the minds of most rational people that people power is still where things must be determined.

Israeli lawmakers kill ‘equality for all citizens’ bill before it is even introduced

By Mohamed Mohamed

Israel is an apartheid state, but you don’t have to take my word for it. All you have to do is take a look at the actions of the lawmakers in the Israeli Knesset, the national legislature of Israel. On June 5, the Knesset issued a press release stating that its Presidium (a group consisting of the speaker and deputy speakers) voted to disqualify a proposed bill that called for Israel “to be defined as a state of all its citizens” to be placed on the Knesset’s agenda.

Shakira abandons plan to play in Tel Aviv

PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, said that Shakira’s decision dashes Israel’s hopes “to use her name to art-wash its latest massacre in Gaza.”“Artists, especially UN goodwill ambassadors, have a moral duty not to be complicit in covering up human rights violations and apartheid,” PACBI added.

Palestinians in Jerusalem reject Ramadan meals provided by UAE

Jerusalemite activists have launched a hashtag on Twitter – #we are not hungry – as a rejection of Ramadan meals provided by the UAE for visitors to Al-Aqsa Mosque. They argue that the Gulf State is consorting with the Israeli occupation of Palestine, having sent a team to cyclists to participate in the international Giro d’Italia cycle race which passed through occupied Jerusalem on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba.

Political Zionism and the Roots of Palestinian Dispossession

In this talk, James Zogby reviews the ideology and practice of the movement of political Zionism and its patron, British imperialism, that together were responsible for the denial of Palestinian rights, the subsequent campaigns of disinformation and the repression against the Palestinian people.

What Jerusalem Means To Us: Christian Perspectives and Reflections

Fr. Dr. Drew Christiansen, S. J, Dr. Carole Monica Burnett, and Sir Rateb Rabie are three authors who contributed to the recently published book, “What Jerusalem Means to Us”. here they share their intimate experiences in and reflections on the Holy City from this special collection of essays written by Palestinian and other Christians of various cultural, ethnic, and national backgrounds.