Every Curve, Every Dot

Blessed among the crafts, Arabic calligraphy possesses an emotive appeal and a visual impact that captivates and invites the viewer to meditation.

Souvenirs: Memories of Tunis

For this exhibition, Dagmar Painter, curator of The Jerusalem
Fund Gallery, has transformed her recent photographs of Tunis, Tunisia
into memories, les souvenirs, and has added layers of reminiscence with
the objects, souvenirs of her life there, that have attached themselves
to the images as real reminders of the recollections the photographs

Tarab: The Colors of Music

Tarab is one of the most important terms in the musical aesthetics of Arab culture.  While difficult to translate precisely, tarab refers to a state of heightened emotionality in response to music, often translated as rapture, ecstasy or enchantment, as well as joy or sadness.

Where We Come From

Emily Jacir asked fellow Palestinians from around the world, “If I could do anything for you, anywhere in Palestine, what would it be?” Using her American passport to facilitate a freedom of movement unavailable to most Palestinians, Jacir documented her attempts to fulfill these requests.