The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Israel’s Biggest Racists

Independent journalist David Sheen sheds light on the rehabilitation of the most reactionary American-born rabbis by the Netanyahu Likud Party and their decades-long efforts to turn all of Israel*Palestine (and territories beyond) into a single racially pure religious state.

The Flowers of Arabic Literature in America

Collector and scholar Dr. Edmund Ghareeb discusses the little known history of Arabic language books published in the United States, including books by early Arab-American women writers and known luminaries like Khalil Gibran Khalil.

2019 Annual Conference: Panel II

On Panel II of the annual conference, speakers Dr. Abdel Razzaq Takriti, Grant Smith, Yousef Munayyer, and Lara Friedman discuss Geopolitics, the US Perspective on the Deal, BDS, and the Media & Palestine.

2019 Annual Conference: Panel I

On Panel I of the annual conference Dr. Randa Farah, Dr. Osamah Khalil, Max Blumenthal, and Dr. Elizabeth Campbell discuss  the following topics: liquidating Right of Return, UNRWA, US and Israeli Policies .

Refugees Looking for Home

Palestinian-American poet and environmental scholar Sharif Elmusa, and activist artist Susan Smith present an intersectional multimedia event that includes readings of poetry of and about the refugee experience from different world-regions with an exhibition of recent artwork.