Discrimination, Police Brutality, and Racism: The Struggle of Arab Palestinians in Israel

Jafar Farah and Nabila Espanioly, co-founders of the Mossawa Center discuss the advocacy work and programs of the center. Their presentation highlights how Al Mossawwa Center develops programs to promote a democratic society, and acts against all forms of discrimination based on race, nationalism, religious affiliation, social status, gender, and disabilities.

The 2018 Edward Said Memorial Lecture with Dr. Sami AlBanna

In his delivery of the 2018 Edward Said Memorial Lecture, Dr. Sami AlBanna explores avenues of struggle and prospects for justice, equality, and democracy in the Middle East by examining the “Deal of the Century” and the loss of the war on Syria.

UNRWA’s Role and Impact in the Gaza Strip: A Refugee’s Perspective

In this talk, Mohammed Eid, a 28-year-old Palestine refugee and currently a Rotary Peace Scholar pursuing a master’s degree in Global Studies and International Development through a joint program at the University of North Carolina and Duke University, discusses growing up in Gaza and the role the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) played in his life.

Palestine and Us: Decolonizing America and Palestine

Piscataway elder, Rico Newman, discusses Indigenous Rights in the face of settlement in America and Palestine. This is the last installment in the 2018 Summer Intern Lecture Series “Palestine and Us: Contextualizing Palestine in American Political Activism,” which examines issues of intersectionality between the Palestinian cause and other contemporary social justice movements.

Palestine and Us: Grassroots Mobilization

Pastor and activist Rev. Graylan Hagler highlights the intersections between the Palestinian cause and other contemporary social movements. His work has focused on Black liberation, economic justice, community organizing, and mobilizing faith communities. You can follow him on Twitter @Graylanhagler.

Palestine and Us: Black and Palestinian Solidarity

Attorney and activist Ahmad Abuznaid, Esq. discusses his experiences working for social justice for Black Americans in the U.S. and Palestinians in the occupied territories and in the diaspora. As the first event in our 2018 Palestine Center Summer Intern Lecture Series, this talk focuses on the broad theme of intersectionality between the Palestinian struggle and other contemporary social movements in America.

“Gaza Girls: Growing Up in the Gaza Strip”

Photographer and journalist Monique Jaques presents her award-winning photo book,Gaza Girls: Growing Up in the Gaza Strip, which looks at moments of laughter, dreaming, and living for young girls in Gaza, despite the difficulty and constraints that define their reality. This project was first published in The New York Times and has been syndicated inMarie Claire ItalyVogue ItalyPanorama ItalyThe Telegraph and The Guardian UK. Jaques discusses how she produced this book and the lessons learned along the way.

Life Under Occupation in the Agricultural Town of Beit Ummar

Ahmed Oudeh presents the work of Eshraqah Youth Organization (EYO) in Beit Ummar, which focuses on grass roots nonviolent action, community empowerment, and sustainable agriculture. In addition to developmental programs based on a model built and run by workers’ groups in their communities in Beit Ummar, the EYO has been involved in local and international conferences to promote strategies of non-violent action, to bring together Israelis opposing the occupation and Palestinian communities.