Ayyam Zaman Center

The Ayam Zaman Center, based in a village outside of Ramallah, provides social and cultural activities for youth in the region.

Ibn-Khaldoun Society For Community Development

Many Gaza kindergartens are not meeting the needs of their students and cannot provide the resources the teachers need to adequately provide a foundational education for the children.

Jabalia Rehabilitation Society

Through a grant from The Jerusalem Fund, the Jabalia Rehabilitation Society was able to hold its “Smile of Hope” summer activities camp.

Nurseen, Society for Women and Children Development

Due to elevated Israeli harassment of the Arab residents of the city and circumstances beyond their control, the socio-economic conditions of Arab residents of East Jerusalem have been deteriorating while unemployment is on the rise.

Break the Silence Mural and Art Project

The project aims to make visible how the occupation of Palestine is not an isolated anomaly; but rather plays a pivotal role globally and is a product of the same forces that have created other oppressions and inequities worldwide.