El-Nahda Association

A grant from The Jerusalem Fund allowed for the purchase and distribution of health kits which included four cans of baby formula, shampoo, baby powder, diapers, ointment for skin treatment and toys.

Donkey saddle projects

This October marks the ten-year anniversary of what Palestinians inside Israel refer to as “Black October.”

Ahali Rafah Charitable Association

This project focuses on helping affected people in Rafah area at the beginning of the winter season as most of the Palestinian families suffer from dire economical situation, frequent power outage and fuel shortage.

Burj Alluqluq Social center

The Faisal Husseini Library was established in 2003 and to date, the library has approx 3000 books mostly Arabic.

El-Lid Charitable Society

A grant from the Jerusalem Fund Humanitarian Link enabled El-Lid Charitable Society to conduct its informal community classes for students who need more assistance and support in school.