Cultural Projects

This year, The Jerusalem Fund sponsored the DC Film Festival and the Boston Film Festival, showcasing the very best Arab and Palestinian films. We were thrilled to support The Edward Said National Conservatory Orchestra and the Danadeesh Dance group in their six-city American tour.

El-Lid Charitable Society

A grant from The Jerusalem Fund Humanitarian Link enabled El-Lid Charitable Society to conduct its informal community classes for students who need more assistance and support in school.

Burj Al Luq Luq Social Centre

Refurbishing the Faisal Husseini Library with new books, CDs, DVDs and equipment, sensitizes inhabitants about reading books and organizing cultural and social activities for children, youth and adults. This project ameliorates the social and living condition of Bab al Hutta neighborhood and the old city of Jerusalem through cultural and socio-educative activities.


The training aims to give the basic techniques in joinery, to open a joiner’s workshop and to hire a young adult.

Arab Women’s Union of Ramallah

The nursing home for the elderly in Ramallah was in desperate need of significant renovation. Faulty pipes leaked, flooding contaminated waste water throughout the building and the street. The Jerusalem Fund extended a grant to undertake the renovations, providing a safer and healthier environment for the nursing home’s residents and neighboring community.

The Hope Flowers School

Having successfully integrated students with learning disabilities since 2005, Hope Flowers School (HFS) is looking to extend and develop its integration program by bringing in students with physical disabilities and promoting their rights in society.

Teach for Palestine

Teach for Palestine (TFP) is a project that will address the educational needs of the poorest and most at-risk youth in Nablus and the surrounding areas in the West Bank.