Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC)

The Atfaluna Society enrolled 60 deaf students in different vocational training courses, which took place in the ASDC Vocational Training Unit. he courses taught them how to communicate using Palestinian Sign Language.

Annahda Women’s Association

The toy workshop at Annahda Rehabilitation Center is designed to be a productive workshop to give opportunities of training and employment for adults living with disabilities, and to provide the local community with needed wooden toys and furniture that is used in nurseries, kindergartens, schools and centers.

American Friends of UNRWA

Project: Supporting UNRWA’s Emergency Food Assistance Program in the Gaza Strip Founded: 2005 Location: Gaza The purpose of this project was to help cover the basic food consumption needs of abject and absolute poor people in Gaza. Funding received from The Jerusalem Fund was used to purchase 5,631 cans of luncheon meat which reached 352 […]

Charitable Mother Association for Development

As a result of severe weather, a number of kindergartens in Gaza were badly damaged in December 2013. This project aimed at renovating three of these kindergartens by repairing the play areas and the water, electrical, and sewage networks of each school.

Siraj Al-Quds School and Society for the Blind and Special Needs

The project of the Siraj Al-Quds School and Society for the Blind and Special Needs was aimed at promoting and improving the educational, social, rehabilitative and familial role of the visually impaired, special needs, and marginalized children. The project built capacities of their mothers and the staff working with them, and supplied the school with essential stationery, furniture, assistive tools, instruments, and capacity building courses.

Islamic Charitable Society – Beit Sahour

Advanced technology has become an important part of early education, where teachers of all grades in many countries are applying computer technology to lesson plans to prepare children for high school and college. Prior to this project, the school only had four outdated computers to share between administration, teachers, and students. The project added five more computers along with the necessary training for students and staff of the school.

Al Manarah Association for Arab Persons with Disabilities

Al Manarah’s vision is that with encouragement, guidance and the requisite technical resources, disabled persons of Israel’s Palestinian community can develop skills to participate within society not as a disenfranchised minority, but as confident citizens offering distinct and vital contributions. This project was for renovating and furnishing the association’s existing library and community meeting space in order to improve the learning environment of it visitors.

El-Nahda Association for Development and Growth (NADG)

El-Nahda has implemented a program to counter food uncertainty by providing locally grown vegetables to families in need. The Jerusalem Fund’s partners at El-Nahda have identified 100 low-income families numbering over 1,000 people to receive this crucial aid.