Daytime Film: “Roadmap to Apartheid” by Ana Nogueira and Eron Davidson

94 mins, 2012, explores in detail the apartheid comparison as it is used in the enduring Israel-Palestine conflict. As much an historical document of the rise and fall of apartheid, the film shows us why many Palestinians feel they are living in an apartheid system today, and why an increasing number of people around the world agree with them.

Daytime Film: “Where Should the Birds Fly?” by Fida Qishta

“Where Should The Birds Fly?” documents the lives of two courageous young Palestinian women, survivors of Israel’s massive 23 day ¬†attack on Gaza that began on December 28, 2008. ¬†Mona Samouni, now 12 years old and the filmmaker, Fida Qishta, now 27, represent the spirit and future of Palestine.

Evening Films: “Restored Pictures” & “Kings and Extras”

Short documentary “Restored Pictures,” 22 mins by Mahasen Nasser Eldin followed by “Kings and Extras,” 62 mins by Azza El-Hassan. Both films touch on the significant contributions Palestinians have made to their own documentation, respectively in the periods of pre-Nakba and post-Nakba.

Daytime Film: “The Dupes” by Tawfik Saleh

The Dupes, by Tawfik Saleh, 1972, 107 mins: The story is based on the 1962 novella Men in the Sun by Palestinian writer, artist, and resistance leader Ghassan Kanafani, who was assassinated at age 36 with his young niece in a car bombing in Beirut in 1972.

Abbas Mousavi, Arabic Calligraphy

Dr. Mousavi’s talk included a demonstration of some of the technical details involved in artistic calligraphy. He also exhibited some of his calligraphic artwork, which will be offered for sale. The calligraphy remained on display for a week after the lecture.