Summer Film Series 2018 – “Killing Gaza”

In this film, independent journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen capture the assault on Gaza during the 2014 war and chronicle its horrific aftermath. Besides documenting Palestinian resilience and suffering, Killing Gaza also documents the war crimes committed by the Israeli military through direct testimony and evidence from the survivors, delivered often just days after escaping indiscriminate shelling, bombings and summary executions.

Summer Film Series 2018 – “Looted and Hidden”

Looted and Hidden investigates the cinematic and other archival treasures that Israel plundered from various Palestinian visual and research institutions in Beirut in the 1980s. The film follows four historical figures who are involved in the fate of these Palestinian archives. Based entirely on archival materials, extensive research, and interviews with the individuals it portrays, this film exposes, for the first time, Palestinian materials that were erased deliberately from the public sphere by Israel and were, for many years, presumed to have been “lost.” 

Summer Film Series 2018 – “Rasheed”

Rasheed documents the life of the filmmaker’s late uncle, Rasheed Broum, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Through the filmmaker’s own personal journey, Rasheed captures one of the many war stories from the southern city of Sidon, Lebanon.

Summer Film Series 2018 – “Coffee for All Nations”

In 1948, Abed and his family were forced by the Israeli army to abandon their home in the village of Al-Walaja near Bethlehem and move to Dheisheh Refugee Camp. Later in life, Abed discovers a 5000 year old Kanani cave on his father’s land and decides to live in it, dreaming of turning it into a coffee shop that will not only generate income but share his passion with the outside world. He welcomes visitors from all over the world, offering them coffee and an amazing view. However, after the release of Abed’s brother from an Israeli prison, his plans are disrupted by the Israeli demolition of his cave.

Summer Film Series 2018 – “The Truth: Lost at Sea”

Rifat Audeh, one of the survivors aboard the Mavi Marmara, combines footage shot aboard the Freedom Flotilla with subsequent media coverage, to show how the dead activists and their comrades who defended their vessels were portrayed. The film reveals what really happened and how it was spun in traditional and online media outlets.

Arab Cinema Now: Time Travel through Short Films

These recent short films culled from the International Film Festival Rotterdam move between imagined worlds from the past, present, and future. Subjects range from Bangladeshi freedom fighters in 1980s Lebanon to the current war in Syria to an imaginary sci-fi Palestine.

Arab Cinema Now: “A Magical Substance Flows Through Me”

Robert Lachmann was a German-Jewish ethnomusicologist. In the 1930s, his radio show “Oriental Music” explored the musical traditions of Palestine and included regular live performances by musicians from different ethnic and religious groups. Inspired by Lachmann’s musicological studies, Palestinian artist Jumana Manna travels through Israel and the Palestinian territories of today with recordings from the program.

Arab Cinema Now: “The Dream of Shahrazad”

Drawing on the stories known collectively as The Arabian Nights, The Dream of Shahrazad contextualizes recent upheavals across the Middle East within a broader historical and cultural legacy. A charismatic conductor uses Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade suite as a tool for political education, leading up to a final performance at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace.

Summer Film Series: “Ghost Hunting” by Raed Andoni

In order to confront the ghosts that haunt him, Palestinian director Raed Andoni assembles an eclectic group of ex-prisoners to build a replicate of Al-Moskobiya, Israel’s main interrogation centre, where he was himself jailed at age 18.