New Year, New Outlook

2013 will be bracketed by color at the Gallery. In January, Lukman Ahmad’s kaleidoscopic paintings combine symbolism, abstraction and traditional imagery to evoke hopes of freedom. And at the end of the year, winter’s gloom will be lightened by photographer Karam Mishalani’s floral imagery. In between, we will be taking a look at the ways many different artists view Palestine, from the compelling imagery of injustice reflected in Bud Hensgen’s paintings, driven by his powerful feelings after his 2011 visit there, to Vian Shamounki Borchert’s painterly evocations of the sights and sounds of her homeland. Corinne Whitlatch shares her intricate stained glass constructions, incorporating actual pieces found on her journeys there in her visual musings on a search for peace, while the Break the Silence project stuns us with their collaborative giant murals, filling the Gallery with images as well as film projects in Gaza and Shatila.

Our major concept show this year, The Map is Not the Territory, conceived by and co-curated with Jennifer Heath, will bring together artists of Palestinian, Native American and Irish heritage at the intersection of their similar struggles. In addition, an exciting new series of cultural events will add a new dimension to our programming.

Join us here at the Gallery or online, so you don’t miss a thing!