Break the Silence Mural and Art Project

Project: A Tale of Two Cities: The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project, The Legacy of Rachel Corrie 
Founded: 2006 
Location: Rafah, Gaza, Palestine and Olympia, Washington, USA and online 

“A Tale of Two Cities~ The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project- The Legacy of Rachel Corrie” is an inter-disciplinary, interactive public art project that builds community and illustrates the interrelatedness of oppressions that are usually seen as disparate. The project aims to make visible how the occupation of Palestine is not an isolated anomaly; but rather plays a pivotal role globally and is a product of the same forces that have created other oppressions and inequities worldwide. “A Tale of Two Cities” builds and develops the theme of “Polyphony and Counterpoint” a Break the Silence Project funded by the Jerusalem Fund in 2008. “A Tale of Two Cities” consists of two sister city murals: One in Olympia WA where Rachel Corrie was born and the other in Rafah where she was crushed to death by an Israeli driven bulldozer while trying to protect the Gaza home of a Palestinian doctor and his family. The project in part will be an exploration of the relationship between these two locations, which are now inextricably linked.