Jabalia Rehabilitation Society

Project: Activities for Disabled Children at Northern Governorate 
Founded: 1995 
Location: Northern Governorate 

The aftermath of the war saw a dramatic increase in the number of children with physical and mental disabilities and a continued lack of resources to treat and rehabilitate Gaza’s youngest victims. Through a grant from The Jerusalem Fund, the Jabalia Rehabilitation Society was able to hold its “Smile of Hope” summer activities camp. During the summer, the Jabalia Rehabilitation Society provided hundreds of disabled children ages 6-16 with space, equipment and the opportunity to play. Through various activities, The “Smile of Hope” summer camp focused on highlighting the children’s’ abilities and not disabilities. The camp offered the children a chance to enjoy being in a social environment where they could meet new friends suffering from similar problems and fears, while equipping them with functional skills to increase their self-sufficiency. One of the most valuable benefits of the camp, however, was the increased awareness in the local community of these children with disabilities.