Founded: 1996
Project:  Capacity Building Support for Small-scale Craft Producers in Palestine
Location: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah

This project will provide small-scale craft producer groups with various equipment for improving their production and operational capacity. Small-scale craft producer groups in Palestine serve the most economically marginalized, such as women, refugees, and people with disabilities.  Based in local communities, these groups provide some of the most accessible income-generating opportunities for those without employable skills, particularly women who, often times having married young and who are now responsible for large families, can’t afford education. Small-scale craft producers usually operate on a shoe-string budget that is barely enough to cover their day-to-day operational needs. The Jerusalem Fund believes in Sunbula’s mission: working as a fair trade organization with the mandate to support small-scale producers, working to respond to this challenge by offering training and, on occasion, obtaining grants on their behalf.