American Friends of UNRWA

Founded: 2005
Project:  Emergency School Feeding in Gaza
Location: Gaza Strip

This project will support UNRWA’s Gaza Emergency Program, which provides the poorest and most vulnerable Palestine refugees in Gaza with essential humanitarian assistance, most notably through life-sustaining food aid.  The project will specifically address the needs of Gaza’s school children, who continue to suffer from a deteriorating socio-economic environment characterized by poverty and conflict.  In the children’s daily life, this translates to acute food insecurity, lack of material resources to support their education, and often times a difficult learning environment at home which can contribute to poor academic performance.  This project will provide daily meals to 3,859 students for a period of 104 school days. The Jerusalem Fund supported this project because the provision of a daily meal ensures that all students have had at least one nutritious meal per day, encouraging academic achievement, and alleviating the burden on families suffering from the negative impact of deepening poverty.