The Committee for the Advancement of Arab Education- Haifa

Project: “A Dignified Start”- supplying school bags for disadvantaged Palestinian children in Haifa.
Founded: 2001 
Location: The city of Haifa

The Committee for the Advancement of Arab Education in Haifa (CAAEH) proposed to purchase new backpacks and distribute them to 250 children from low-income families in Haifa. As a result of ongoing discrimination and disregard at both the state and municipal levels, more than 60 percent of Arab children are living in poverty in Israel; moreover, 50% of Arab children in the city of Haifa are poverty-stricken. The backpacks will contain essential, age-appropriate school supplies for students entering the first through eighth grades. This charitable assistance program not only extends local Palestinian families a helpful hand-up at a challenging time of the year, but also provides the staff and board of the CAAEH an important opportunity to engage parents and students at the outset of the fall semester. This allows students and parents to better ascertain their needs so as to formulate effective strategies needed to advocate their rights throughout the academic year. A Jerusalem Fund grant supplied 250 Palestinian pupils an equal starting point for this school year, providing school bags, uniforms and other basic accessories.