The Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation – Habilitation Preschool

Project: Occupational Therapy Workshop: Administrative & Kitchen Appliances. Habilitation: Educational Kit
Founded: 1974 
Location: Mar Elias Camp, Beirut, Lebanon

The Carpentry Workshop is open 6 days a week and during regular and summer vacations. Due to overuse, there was a need for newkitchen appliances to keep the workshop functioning. In addition, a need arose for a computer set to enable the Carpenter to archive all his work – from financial matters to the stock and design of the Assistive Devices. In the Habilitation Section of the Preschool, the Speech Therapy section is in need of an assessment and educational kit that provides computerized learning for children with learning and perceptual difficulties. With interactive activities with sound, animation and video, the kit contains practice quizzes, worksheets, writing activities and games in several languages. Through a grant from The Jerusalem Fund, the GKC was able to continue a long- standing educational program to provide assistance to refugee families with children who continue to suffer from cerebral palsy and other muscular disabilities.