American Friends of UNRWA

Project: Supporting UNRWA’s Emergency Food Assistance Program in the Gaza Strip
Founded: 2005
Location: Gaza
The purpose of this project was to help cover the basic food consumption needs of abject and absolute poor people in Gaza. Funding received from The Jerusalem Fund was used to purchase 5,631 cans of luncheon meat which reached 352 families supporting 4,049 beneficiaries. The emergency food program also helped to create more than 200 temporary job opportunities – for packing and distribution laborers – at a time when unemployment in Gaza is extremely high due to the prevailing crisis.
Project: Food for internally displaced persons in collective centers
Founded: 2005
Location: Syria
The project was designed to provide food assistance to some of the 140,000 displaced refugees from Yarmouk who are living in temporary collective centers around Damascus. With funding from The Jerusalem Fund, UNRWA distributed 464 food parcels to 2,784 displaced refugees (464 families) in collective centers.