Abbas Mousavi, Arabic Calligraphy

The Cultural Programs of The Jerusalem Fund presents
Abbas Mousavi, Arabic Calligraphy
18 January 2013
At The Palestine Center 

©Abbas Mousavi


Dr. Abbas Mousavi is an Iranian linguist who lives in the Washington, DC area. He is a native speaker of Persian-Farsi and earned his PhD in second language assessment from Griffith University, Australia. His passion for Arabic calligraphy goes back to his childhood when he was growing up in the city of Qom, Iran. He specializes in nineteenth century style of Thuluth calligraphy that is used in writing the Quranic chapters and the Hadiths. Largely inspired by the late master Hashim Mohammad Al-Baghdadi, Dr Mousavi’s style displays distinctive micrographic and symmetrical features.

Dr. Mousavi’s talk included a demonstration of some of the technical details involved in artistic calligraphy. He also exhibited some of his calligraphic artwork, which will be offered for sale. The calligraphy remained on display for a week after the lecture.