A Small Hope and a Bullet


11 January – 1 February 2013


A Small Hope and a Bullet

paintings by

Lukman Ahmad


This January, Lukman Ahmad creates colorful mosaic-like paintings in acrylic on canvas, depicting his themes of “Hope,” “Freedom,” and “Harmony,” as well as “Conflict.”  Using abstract shapes as well as Kurdish symbolism in the figures of horses, dancers and rams, Ahmad’s paintings dissolve into swirls of motion. His images at first engender pleasure in their almost playful composition, but further careful examination offers the viewer far more serious imagery and thought-provoking content.

Ahmad has exhibited widely in Syria, Turkey and Switzerland before coming to the U.S. Currently a member of the Arlington Arts Gallery, he has had group and solo exhibits at Washington, DC’s Foundry Gallery, Fondo del Sol, The Art League and Arlington Arts Gallery in Virginia, as well as the Ackland Art Museum in North Carolina.  Visitors to the Jerusalem Fund Gallery have already heard his virtuoso playing of the Kurdish oud.


See Lukman’s comments from the Opening Reception below:


Meet the Artist


              -Lukman Ahmad

Lukman Ahmad is a Kurdish self-taught artist who paints professionally, working in fine arts and graphic design since 1986.  Having exhibited extensively in Syria and Turkey as well as Switzerland, he has continued his artistic career since coming to the U.S. His work has been juried into group and solo exhibitions in North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, DC. He is a member of the Arlington Arts Gallery.  In his own words: “I admire nature and its creatures. My work is focused on expressive cultures and mixing with the cultures of others. I am confident that art can make life more essential and brighter.” Lukman is  also an accomplished musician, playing the  Kurdish oud.