Born Among Mirrors


14 May – 25 June 2010


Born Among Mirrors

photographs by

Najib Joe Hakim and Elias Hakim

This exhibition showcases photographs of Lebanon taken 50 years apart. His father Elias Hakim’s B&W photos document the young Hakim family’s emigration from Lebanon to the US in 1956. Najib’s color photos explore the country upon his return in 2006 after the latest war with Israel. In his words “These photographs are not just images of a homecoming, but a heartfelt exploration of a people and a place, determined to exist.”

Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies released an article on Najib Joe Hakim and his exhibition at The Jerusalem Fund Gallery here.


See a short interview between Curator Dagmar Painter and Najib Joe Hakim below:

Joe Hakim 2