Calligraphy: Objects and Writings, Traditional and Contemporary


21 May – 30 June 2004


Objects and Writings, Traditional and Contemporary

curated by

Dagmar Painter

Art expert Dagmar Painter curated an exhibition of traditional
and contemporary objects and writings.

Teaching Resource! The Jerusalem Fund Gallery has transformed the Calligraphy exhibit into a teaching resource, entitled, “Mightier than the Sword: Calligraphy of the Sixteenth Century Imperial Courts.” Explore this exciting web-based curriculum unit designed to provide a creative and interactive approach to studying many of the major empires that dominated the world stage in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Using Islamic calligraphy and culture as an entry point,
students learn about seven empires: the Songhay, Saadian, Mughal, Safavid, Ottoman, Ming, Tokugawa Shogunate, and the Hapsburg, from historical, literary and artistic vantage points. The unit is designed for students of World History, Literature, Arts and Mathematics. It addresses national standards for ninth and tenth grade subject areas.