Le Temps des Cerises

 Le Temps des Cerises

Paintings by Samia Zoghlami

13 June — 15 July 2014


samia zoghlami


©Samia Zoghlami 2014

Artist Samia Zoghlami
visited from Tunisia for  her first exhibition in the U.S. Her art
blends North African subject matter and sensibility with a creative
vision that draws on modernist and contemporary artistic influences.
Her images of  musicians showcase the charms of  Middle Eastern culture.




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Meet the Artist


Samia Zoghlami is a painter well known in Tunisia who is beginning to establish her reputation abroad. She studied art in Paris and was a pupil of the famous Tunisian artist Nejib Belkhodja. Her painting merges elements of her local artistic traditions with the currents of contemporary and 20th century art, lending her a distinctive individual voice. The roots of these local traditions are not just Arab and Berber, but extend back all the way to ancient Greece, Rome and Carthage. www.samzog.com