Jerusalem Fund Treasurer Leads Medical Team To Palestine, Inaugurates Diabetes Center


For Immediate Release
Contact: Samar Assad
(202) 338-1290

Washington, DC (June 6 2007) _ On 23 June 2007, Jerusalem Fund Treasurer Dr. Eid Mustafa will lead a group of 30 volunteer doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals on a 7-day mission to the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Dr. Sari Nabulsi and Dr. Mohayya Khilfeh, both pediatricians and members of the Jerusalem Fund Board of Directors will take part in the mission.

The group will also attend a dedication ceremony of a new diabetes center funded by the Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development, the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) and supported by Physicians for Peace and several other organizations. Volunteers will conduct a two-day symposium on cancer and diabetes for the entire region.

The June mission is the 16th West Bank mission for Physicians for Peace, a Norfolk, VA based international non-profit. The volunteers will train local doctors, perform surgeries and treat no less than 100 children and adults for conditions such as cancer, cleft lips and palates, burns and diabetes. Their work will be coordinated with the Palestinian Ministry of Health and various non governmental hospitals.

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Dr. Mustafa, a plastic surgeon in Wichita Falls Texas, is a regular volunteer for Physicians for Peace and president of NAAMA and is chair of the West Bank diabetes Center committee. He has led 16 missions to the occupied territory since 1988.

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