Egypt’s Osama El Baz Meets with U.S.-Middle East Policy Analysts

17 August 2001
Contact: Heidi Shoup

Egypt’s Osama El Baz Meets with U.S.-Middle East Policy Analysts

Washington, DC – According to Osama El Baz, senior advisor to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Voices of reason are being drowned out and voices of extremism, fundamentalism, and radicals are gaining ground in the Middle East. El Baz spoke to a group of legislative, religious, and policy advisors at the Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine today to discuss the mounting pressures in Israel and Palestine.

El Baz summarized Egypt’s view on the mistakes made by the United States, Palestine, and Israel in the Camp David negotiations, which included the United States starting negotiations too late, Palestine not readily acknowledging Barak’s flexibility, and Israel blaming Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat for the breakdown in peace talks as a scapegoat to internal political pressures.

El Baz urged the United States to increase its level of involvement in the region and he went on to say, If the situation is left to develop, it will spiral out of control and negate the dream of peaceful coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis. Further, El Baz indicated that the United States interests in the region are deteriorating rapidly and all Arab nations are feeling the pressure of Israel’s perceived carte-blanche approval by American policymakers.

Samih Farsoun, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Center, stated that ‘Osama El Baz’ words underscore not only the fact that American interests in the region are threatened, but also stresses that the United States is losing credibility among Arab nations that have been key allies for years.