PLC Delegates Discuss Current Crisis in Palestine

9 August 2001
Contact: Heidi Shoup

PLC Delegates Discuss Current Crisis in Palestine

Washington, DC – The Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine hosted a meeting at its office with members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) on 9 August 2001. The PLC delegation is in Washington as part of an initiative sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to discuss the challenges of the legislative process in Palestine under the current crisis conditions.

Among those who attended the meeting were policymakers, media representatives, Washington area nongovernmental organization representatives, and members of the Board of Directors of The Jerusalem Fund and of the Executive Committee of The Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine. The delegation will also be attending a conference for legislators in San Antonio, Texas at the end of the week.

Palestine Center Executive Committee member, Samih Farsoun, said that the meeting was a “fruitful exchange of views concerning the current situation and the difficult conditions under which the legislators are operating in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza.”

The members of the delegation are: Qadoura Fares (Fateh party), representative from the Ramallah District in the West Bank and Chair of the Oversight and Human Rights Committee; Jalal Al-Mussader (Fateh party), representative from Central Gaza and rapporteur of the PLC’s Economic Committee and also member of the Budget Committee; Mahmoud Labadi, Director General of the PLC; Izzidein Abusafiyeh, Director General of the PLC in Gaza; Rana Gaber, Director of Personnel Affairs at the PLC in Gaza; and Raeda Qandeel, Clerk of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Ramallah.