“Heart/Homeless” Paintings and Video by Manal Deeb


Paintings and Video by 

Manal Deeb

©Manal Deeb


First exhibited in London at Gallery P21, Palestinian American artist Manal Deeb has titled this exhibition Heart/Homeless.  She expands upon the themes of exile and identity that have infused her art practice throughout her journey.
Manal treads new pathways by using her body, and most often her face as a template for artwork expressing the anguish of exile, the historical continuum of the feminine presence in that anguish, and the power of the female psyche in overcoming these obstacles.



Reception to meet the artist, Wednesday September 18 6:00—8:00 p.m.

Exhibition Dates:  September 18—October 4, 2019

RSVP: 202-338-1958 or dpainter@thejerusalemfund.org