For Palestinians, America Was Never an Honest Broker

From time to time, the Palestine Center distributes articles it believes will enhance understanding of the Palestinian political reality. The following article was published by Dalia Hatuqa in Foreign Policy on September 13, 2018


“For decades, Palestinian leaders have engaged in a rigged peace process, seeking to force the international community’s blueprint for a Palestinian state onto the population of the West Bank and Gaza. The United States, meanwhile, has sought to maintain the fiction that it is an honest broker and neutral mediator.The Trump administration has finally dropped that mask, revealing Washington’s true colors. As offensive as the pro-Israel mantras emanating from the White House may be for Palestinians, it is a clarifying moment.Since 1967, the Palestinians have tried everything to free themselves from Israel’s brutal occupation.



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The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Jerusalem Fund.

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