Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF)













To expand socioeconomic opportunity for Palestinians through the promotion of innovative, sustainable, and diverse development projects that uphold the integrity of Palestinian culture, tradition and self-determination.


HCEF completed the renovation of a water cistern for the Rosary Sisters School, which serves 370 Christian and Muslim children from low-income backgrounds throughout the Bethlehem area, including Al-Dheisheh and Aida refugee camps. The project was a success, positively impacting the school’s 370 students, 30 teachers, and several administrative staff. The project generated 50 days of work for 4 skilled and unskilled laborers, generated business for 4 suppliers, and will provide 150 cubic meters of water to the school community per fill. The project ensures that the school community has uninterrupted access to clean water throughout the year.